A variety of documents available for viewing or download, including BACC’s white papers and other community information reports.

“Upward Mobility,” written report and PowerPoint (2021)
A presentation by the BACC Pathways for Success Signals Team, highlighting pertinent trends that support, or fail to support, the ability for future local , state, and national residents to out earn their predecessors.

“An event or an era? Resources for social sector decision-making in the context of COVID-19” (2020)
By Gabriel Kasper and Justin Marcoux, with Kerri Folmer, Joanna Burleson, Rhonda Evans, Jennifer Holk, Sarah Brayton, Apoorva Kanneganti, Leah Jordan Haynesworth, and Danielle Jordan DeVera and published by the Monitor Institute of Deloitte LLP

“Economic Transformation,” report and PowerPoint summary (2020)
A presentation by the BACC Economic Transformation Signals Team, highlighting pertinent trends, events, and choices that support economic transformation in the greater Green Bay community.

New North Business Intelligence Survey Findings and Navigating the Future Discussion (2019)

Greater Green Bay: Envisioning the Future Report to the Community (2018)

BACC history overview (2018)

Envisioning The Future Report  (2017)

Ecumenical Partnership for Housing, Pathway to Self-Sufficiency (2017)

Personal and Community Health (2017)

LIFE Study (2016, 2011)

Poverty in Brown County Progress Report (2015)

Half-Percent County Sales Tax Q&A (2014)

Economic development SWOT analysis (2014)

Envisioning The Future Report (2012)

Brown County 20/20 Report to the Community (2012)

LIFE Study – Full Report (2011)

LIFE Study – Executive Summary (2011)

Alcohol Abuse in Brown County (2010)

Transportation Study Executive Summary (2009)
Poverty in Brown County – The Urgency of Moving People to Self-Sufficiency (2009)

BACC Immigration Study (2009)

Poverty in Brown County (2007)

Wisconsin’s Perfect Storm – Tax Policy (2005)

Social Capital – White Paper (2002)